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Proposed construction of Br.No.101 (ROB) as 1 * 23.00m (Clear Span) Composite Girder at Ch.34475m and Br.No. 118 (ROB) as 1 * 17.10m (Clear Span) Composite Girder (i.e., Steel "I" girder with RCC deck slab) at Ch.40693m on open foundations and approach earth work including protective and other miscellaneous works between Mattampally and Janpahad stations.
Sno Name of the event (Mile Stone) Schedule
1 Preliminary works and mobilization of men and Machinery etc D1 + 15
2 Procurement of materials,Strutural steel, Preparation of casting bed/ staging for casting of steel girders etc D1 to 105
3 Completion of foundation, Sub structure and bed blocks etc D1 to 180
4 Forming approach road on either side of ROB, formation of each work in embankment of railway bridge approach etc., D1 to 270
5 Fabrication of steel "I" girders D1 to 270
6 Launching of steel "I" girders, Casting of desk slab, load testing of PSC/composite girders and other connected miscellaneous works like hand railing, drainage spouts, crash barriers , expansion joint, approach slab etc., D1 to 365
Proposed construction of Road Over Bridge No.207 with 1 * 15m Composite girder between Chenganasseri and chingavanam stations.
Proposed Construction of substructure with pile foundation and superstructure with composite girder 2 * 25.745m(SQ) for Road Over Bridge in lieu of existing Level Crossing No 13 at Km 20/28-30 between Ennore and Attipattu Station.
Proposed Construction of Road Over Bridge with Composite Girder Span 1 * 38.133 m SQ (44.0 m SK) in lieu of LC No.88 at Km. 114/1-2 at OLAKKUR Yard.
Proposed Construction of Road Over Bridge with Composite Girder Span 1 * 33.734 m SQ (40.0 m SK) in lieu of LC No.102 at Km. 134/28-30 in MAILAM Yard.
Proposed Road Over Bridge with Composite Girder in lieu of Existing Level Crossing No.111 at Km. 150/7-8 in Vikravandi Yard.
Proposed Construction of ROB in lieu of LC.No.1 at Km. 8/34-36 near Villivakkam Station Consisting of 1 * 38.50m (SQ) Clear Span with Composite Girder.
Proposed construction of ROB in lieu of LC No. 16 at Km.24/16-18 between Nandiyambakkam and Minjur station Consisting of 1 * 38.338m(SQ) 15.00m(SK) with Composite Girder and 2 * 14.377m (SQ) 15.00m(SK) with PSC I Girder.
Proposed Construction of Limited Use Subway in lieu of existing level crossing No.105 (4.50 * 3.66m span) @ Km.139/20-22 (Ch: 139391.58 ) in between Mailam and Perani Construction of RCC Box by pushing technique for existing BG track and cast-in-situ for non-track portion and other miscellaneous works.
Proposed construction of Road Over Bridge in lieu of LC No.179-A at Km.415/03-04 as 2 * 36.00m(Skew)/27.977 m (SQ) Composite Girder (Steel-I Girders and RCC deck slab in pile & open foundation) between Gooty anf Pathakotha Cherruvu Stations (Cost Sharing).
Proposed Construction of Bridge No. 116 (Canal Crossing) at Ch. 62871.40m as 1-36.00m structural Girder to accommodate 3*1.80m Dia of MS pipes over girder and connecting to cross beams including inspection path on left main canal of KOIL SAGAR between Devarakhadra and Proposed Marikal stations.
Proposed casting and launching of precast pre/post items IPSC slabs of different spans for minor/major bridges and launching of PSC slabs on to substructure concreting of approach slabs, casting of head walls etc., other connected mischellaneous works between Mellacheruvu Mattampally Janapahad stations with Depot at Mattampally station.
Proposed Construction of Road Over Bridge with pile foundation , RCC columns and superstructure of 1 * 35.796 m (SK)/35.600 m (SQ) clear span Composite Girder (I.e,. Steel I Girders with RCC deck slab) at KM.467/23-25 in lieu of LC No.334 between Telaprolu and Nuzvid stations.
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